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Passed AGK

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baddles created the topic: Passed AGK

Hi all
I just passed CPL General Knowledge with 95%. Just a few tips/comments:
  • the Bob Tait AGK book and practice exams were very good preparation, well-calibrated for this exam.
  • Very valuable to visit the CASA website casa.gov.au [Home › Licences and certification › Individual licensing › Exams › Australia wide pass rates] (or search "CASA exam pass rates") and read their specific advice about how to handle each of the exams, including their list of topics which they say many people get wrong.
  • The exam questions for AGK are designed to trap people who have just memorised the practice questions rather than understood what's behind them. When you're doing Bob's tests and practice exams, read the explanation text provided for each correct answer - so you understand the reasoning as well as knowing the answer. In the exam, read the questions carefully - for example there's a world of difference between measuring fuel flow with a "pressure transducer" (measures pressure) and with a "turbine transducer" (measures fluid flow). The multiple choice options may all look unfamiliar so you will need to think about each option and whether it could be connected to the scenario - for example if you think the answer should be "fuel vaporisation" but that is not one of the available options, then consider each option and think about whether it could cause/be connected to/be caused by fuel vaporisation.
  • Although there is no official ordering of the CPL topics, I reckon General Knowledge should definitely come after Aerodynamics.
  • You are not ready to sit the AGK exam until your brain feels completely full. I dreamed about explaining variable-pitch propellers to my dog.

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  • Stuart Tait

Stuart Tait replied the topic: Passed AGK

Congratulations Baddles

95% is a solid result


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  • Sofeopka

Sofeopka replied the topic: Passed AGK

Well done Baddles!

Thanks for the great information too. Very helpful.

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