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CPL General Knowledge - radios?!

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baddles created the topic: CPL General Knowledge - radios?!

Hi all,
I'm swotting up for the CPL General Knowledge exam.
Bob's advice is to check over the CASA syllabus for the unit, which is listed in the first few pages of Bob's AGK book.

The syllabus comes from the Part 61 Manual of Standards, volume 3, schedule 3. I looked this up on the government legislation website and downloaded sections 1.2.9 (CAKC) and 1.2.10 (CAKA) as they are currently in force.

The two versions are very similar, except for two sections "Aeronautical Radio Telephony (2.6)" and "Radio Waves (2.7)" in the online version of Part 61 which are not covered in Bob's AGK material.

But this radio material looks way out of place - it's about how to switch on the radio and check that it works, and about different radio frequency bands, all stuff that any PPL should know.

Can I take it that the 'CSYA' exam does not cover this radio material?
(A bit confusing because of the codes CSYA, CAKC, CAKA)

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John.Heddles replied the topic: CPL General Knowledge - radios?!

The PPL stuff is examinable at CPL. A bit of revision is the name of the game.

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