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CSU system

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boeing777ferdi created the topic: CSU system

hi all passed all my cpl subjects great thanks to the bob tait books highly recommended especially if youre self studying. 2 questions i have for you.
1) why does RPM increase further when adding full power during the take-off roll in a CSU something to do with AOA and induced drag reduction i presume
secondly, why do CSU ACFT taxii in fine pitch?

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bobtait replied the topic: CSU system

Congratulations mate.

1 As the aircraft speed increases during the take-off run, the angle of attack on the propeller blades decreases (See GK book pages 34 to 35). The decreased angle of attack results in less propeller torque and, since the power is constant, the RPM increase. Actually, this happens in all propeller driven aircraft whether they have a CSU or not.

2. Taxi is with the pitch in fully fine to allow the tachometer to respond to changes in engine power by displaying a change in RPM during the magneto check.

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