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Carby icing

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boeing777ferdi created the topic: Carby icing

hey all,
last question, before the exam! had a look in the BT book was finding it difficult to find a figure which suggeted the RH and temp conditions conducive for (1) evap(throttle ice) and (2) fuel/refridgerations icing my assumption is about 16 degrees and 50% RH

please could anyone help me out these are just ballpark figures ive assumed.

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John.Heddles replied the topic: Carby icing

You might like to have a look at some historical articles. Two sources come to mind -

(a) the entire DCA Aviation Safety Digest archive is available at dropbox. You can find the link at PPRuNe with a simple search. Captain John Laming was the driving force behind getting this rather large task underway. There were several repeats of the carby ice article ... I can't recall specific issues so you would need to read through the archives. Actually, that would be a good idea, anyway .. some very useful tales in the Digest.

(b) similar article at ATSB via the link

All the gen you need is in the old articles ...

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