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Operational Met in Irex text book

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Jrafferty created the topic: Operational Met in Irex text book

G’day guys,
Just finishing up my study and doing the operational met test questions at the back of the actual book to brush up on my memory, a couple of questions have me a bit stumped . Question 7 in the book asks for the lowest cloud base at 0700 according to the TAF given. I answered 2000 feet AGL but the answer says 2000 ft AMSL . Aren’t cloud heights given AGL in a TAF ??

Question 23 asks which of the following requires you always plan for an alternate? The answer are:
forecast not available
Forecast contains an inter
Forecast contains a tempo
Forecast contains a prob

I answered ( forecast contains a Prob)

The answer in the book says it’s when a forecast is not available however AIP Enr 1.10 para 1.2.2 says that you can depart without a forecast providing I can return to the departure Aerodrome within 1 hr if I can not obtain a forecast .

Either I’ve got scrambled egg brains from looking at the AIP and the other million pages of documents for hours or this is wrong . Can you help me !?


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bobtait replied the topic: Operational Met in Irex text book

Sorry for the delay I've been away from the office.
Regarding Question 7. Clearly that is a typo that shouldn't be there. The correct answer of course is AGL. According to the current print of the book the answer is AGL.

Regarding Question 23.
AIP ENR 1.10 para 1.2.2 says you can depart without a TAF, it doesn't say you can depart without an alternate.

In fact, under those circumstances you do have an alternate. The alternate is your departure aerodrome, to which you must return within an hour if you do not obtain a TAF for you original destination within 30 minutes.

You must also ensure that you have sufficient fuel to depart and return within one hour of departure. So, effectively, you are carrying fuel to an alternate - the alternate is your departure aerodrome in this case.

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