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Vicinity of controlled aerodromes

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Stone99 created the topic: Vicinity of controlled aerodromes

Hi there, was wondering if anyone could help me with this question.

There is a question in one of the Bob Tait books that says something along the lines of “When operating within 5nm of the boundary of a class D airport and not intending to enter the class D control zone, what should you do”. The answer is listen to the ATIS and maintain a listening watch on the class D tower frequency.

So my question is, I understand the vicinity of a non-controlled aerodrome is within 10nm (plus the non conflicting height stuff etc), what is classified as being in the vicinity of a controlled aerodrome? And where would you find the reference for this in the AIP/CASR/ERSA?

The reference for maintaining a listening watch and ATIS would also be helpful if you had the time. Thanks in advance :)

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Stuart Tait replied the topic: Vicinity of controlled aerodromes


What is being asked here is not so much the vicinity of the aerodrome but the Airspace, as such the advice is for aircraft departing Class D and being on a different frequency to Class G.

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