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Air Law CPL

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Campbell 95 created the topic: Air Law CPL

Hi guys

I'm confused by Q17 in sample Qs set 5 in the textbook.
Unless instructed otherwise by ATC, you should make a downwind report when arriving at or conducting circuit training when operating -
a) at a class D aerodrome only
b) within 10nm of a CTAF aerodrome only
c) at an aerodrome with no ATC service
d) within a control zone

the answer is (a)

but in one of the Bob Tait's practice exams there is a Q

Unless otherwise instructed, a downwind report is mandatory at:
a) all control zones
b) all non controlled aerodromes
c) at all certified CTAF aerodromes
d) during circuit training at all Class D airports

and the answer is (a)

aren't they asking the same thing?


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bobtait replied the topic: Air Law CPL

The requirement is for a downwind report to be made at any control zone (unless otherwise instructed by the tower - which is quite likely).. AIP ENR 1.1 para 2.11.8 & para 2.12.4.

Thanks for your feed-back.
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