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Compass direction with deviation card

  • roycampbell
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roycampbell created the topic: Compass direction with deviation card

Hi all,

Having troubles in the Navigation workbook (for PPL and CPL). Exercise; ‘True, Magnetic and Compass Direction’. This is a table on page 3 in the the workbook

I convert all the true directions to magnetic and fill in the variations where applicable, however when converting magnetic to Compass direction and check the answers I got a few wrong but the rest correct. I re checked and asked a couple pilots but both got the same answer as myself.

Example of one I got wrong:
Magnetic direction is 301 degrees
Deviation card: 300 degrees M = steer 301degrees C ... 330 degrees M = Steer 330 degrees C
I got 302 degrees compass, however the answers in the rear of the book say 301 degrees instead.

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  • Stuart Tait
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Stuart Tait replied the topic: Compass direction with deviation card

G'day Roy

I have to agree with you it looks like a typo, have to say your the only one who has picked up on it.

Thanks for the feedback I'll change that in the workbook


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