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PPL Video Lectures covering Aerodynamics, General Knowledge, Performance, Meteorology And Navigation are now available through our website see front page for details.

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Newby! Best section to start with ???

  • Mattski
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Mattski created the topic: Newby! Best section to start with ???

Hi guys, just starting my self study CPL course,I have been out of study for many years and was looking for suggestions as to which topic is the best to start with to get a better understanding of what I’m in for? I have been reading law and sometimes with all the acronyms I feel like I’m missing something.Also what topic is considered easiest and hardest to pass in exams? Cheers

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  • Stuart Tait
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Stuart Tait replied the topic: Newby! Best section to start with ???

G'day Matt

First up welcome, I hope you will enjoy your journey to come

I'd suggest you do them in this order, Aerodynamics, General Knowledge, Performance, Meteorology, Navigation, Air Law and Human Performance as each subject flows nicely into the next one building on your knowledge.

As for what is easiest it really depends on what you are most comfortable with ie: are you good at maths or do you understand abstract concepts easily. I would just dive in and go for it.


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