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adambernhardt created the topic: ALL EXAMS DONE AND DUSTED

After a few years of stop start, dummy spits, opting for PPL but only to realise quitting isn't an option, yesterday marked the completion of my CPL theory exams. While I won't discuss any exam content (Hi Gavin et al, if you're reading!) everything you need are in Bobs books and practice tests......i say again, practice tests. Some of my last 3 had exact questions. While i have my own opinion on the exams, such as relevance to the real world (that i've actually been flying in for a few years), but if I can pass on one thing, do not try and memorise the content you need to understand it.

I want to thank Bob and Stuart for answering all the questions and helping out.

Also, if you're remote and can't attend class, GET THE VIDEOS! They are invaluable!!!!!

I have 16 flight hrs left (as per the syllabus) and getting closer each day.

Good luck to all, there is light at the end of the tunnel...

Left you all a present as an attachment

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  • Stuart Tait

Stuart Tait replied the topic: ALL EXAMS DONE AND DUSTED

Congratulations Adam

Well done, on to the good stuff


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