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Done and done!

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HPOUND created the topic: Done and done!

So my first CPL exam was back in early 2017, and my last was today - ended up getting pretty close to the 2 year limit. I guess that's what happens when you're doing other things in life and getting a CPL is just a side-pursuit. In between I did IREX, got my MECIR, plus picked up a formation endorsement... so not all bad.

Anyway, knocked Nav on the head this morning with 98%. Happy with that, but could have got 100% if I hadn't second guessed myself!

I used Bob's books and almost entirely self-studied. So, thanks! It was a pleasure ;-)


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bobtait replied the topic: Done and done!

WOW! That's great news hpound. What a great mark to finish with as well. It's been a pleasure working with you throughout and I'm glad that you can now get on with your flying. It always gives us a thrill to hear that someone has finished and done well - especially someone we've never met personally. Good luck with your flying training.


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