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CPL studies

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Danparker86 created the topic: CPL studies

Gday Bob,

Just wanted to show my appreciation for your CPL books. When I was in school I was told by my teacher I would never become a commercial pilot because I was struggling with maths.
10 years down the road I am only a few flights away from my CPL flight test and I have one subject left which is performance and im looking forward to buying your online course to finish them all off.
Your books are very well presented and always give me a good laugh when I'm reading through some of your well placed multiple choice answers.
Just want to thank you very much for the aviation education you have given myself and so many others.

My results so far.
Air law- 90%
Human factors-81%

I'm happy with my results so far and I couldn't have done it without the help of your books so thank you again.

Kind Regards,

- Dan

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bobtait replied the topic: CPL studies


So you should be happy with your results so far. Those are marks anyone would be proud of. I'm sure you'll enjoy the on-line performance course as well. All the best with your study and your future flying. Remember this forum is always a key stroke away if you get stuck.


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