Previews: "Time Outs" - Introduction to CPL-PERF

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Richard created the topic: Previews: "Time Outs" - Introduction to CPL-PERF

In this series of previews, we'd like to make the waiting for the upcoming CPL Performance course a litle easier by giving you a look at some of the materials from the actual course.

This first preview is simply the introductory video with Bob. Later we'll post a full lesson and a full "In Class with Bob" session as well as an excerpt from the E-Text. Watch this space!

Click the image to open the video in a new window. The CC button will toggle the captions on or off and there's a toggle for full screen viewing as well between the volume and CC controls.

Progress Update: Work on the CPL-Perf exam will be taking a break for a couple of weeks during the upcoming 1/2011 BAK/PPL courses. However after that we'll be back into it finishing off the last handful of presentations before we go to the printers and open up for enrolments.

Thanks for you patience and also for your interest and encouragement!



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cloudedcity replied the topic: Re: Previews: Introduction to CPL-PERF

Hey Richard.

I have just watched all the intro video's, this online course looks to me to be a winner. Great work to the team so far. Please let us know when enrollment is available.


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