Can I purchase your Ebooks?

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Todd created the topic: Can I purchase your Ebooks?

Hi Guys. I was just wondering if it is possable to purchase your books in digital form yet?
I own and love the hard copies of your books but I'd love them to live on my Iphone too.
Can that be done?
Thanks in advance.

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  • Richard

Richard replied the topic: Re: Can I purchase your Ebooks?

Hi Todd,

The E-Texts will be available from the 1st August and they'll be available as a 6 mth subscription service initially. We are not offering EBooks as you would find at the iBookstore but rather we opted for a subscription service model We wanted to be able to offer an always up-to-date reference work that is instantly available online to students when there's a new release or any corrections made.

I recommend you try out the demo E-Text here in the E-Text Preview thread or here at the online school and see how you get on with it.

Please note, the E-Text viewer app is optimised for use with a recent browser on a desktop computer (Mac, PC, Linux ...) and comes with full-text search and bookmarking functionality.

The mobile version is simpler: you can read the book "on the go" but at the moment it does not have search, TOC and bookmarking. We hope that will be implemented at some stage and the E-Texts will be updated when it becomes available. In the meantime, all E-Texts come with a TOC that can be called up in a separate tab or printed out as a reference while reading on a mobile device.

If you try it out, any feedback would be more than welcome, wither by PM or you can answer here.



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