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Single Pilot IFR recency - Defining "Flight" and "IFR"

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S70BlackHawk created the topic: Single Pilot IFR recency - Defining "Flight" and "IFR"

Hi Brains Trust sorry to bother, two quick quesitons about the definition of "a flight or simulated flight under the IFR."

As background, our company has removed our flight simulator and therefore require to conduct our single pilot IFR recency in the real aircraft. However, what is the definition of "a flight." The reason I ask this is, is we've been told that a flight can consist of multiple "sectors." Therefore we don't have to conduct the 1 hour requirement in just one singular flight and can be done over multiple flights that add to 1 hour total. I don't agree with this assumption because the law states "a flight", "a" being singular. I would like to get your opinion on this as I might be missing something.
The definition of the duration, of "a flight", means:
(a) for a flight in an aeroplane or gyroplane—the time from the moment the aircraft begins moving, whether or not under its own power, in preparation for flight until the moment it comes to rest at the end of the flight; or

(b) for a flight in a helicopter or powered‑lift aircraft—the time from the moment the aircraft’s rotor blades start turning until the moment the rotor blades stop turning after the aircraft comes to rest at the end of the flight;

To me, when you come to rest and shutdown, this means your flight is completed.

The second question is, can we complete this in the aircraft on a clear blue day without the need for IMC or simulated IMC (foggles) and just be IFR category? So in other words, we just have to be IFR category and can do the whole thing visual anyway. The implication of using simulated IMC is of course having the need for a safety pilot. Which defeats the "singple pilot IFR operation."

61.875 Limitations on exercise of privileges of instrument ratings—recent experience: single pilot
(1) The holder of an instrument rating is authorised to pilot an aircraft under the IFR in a single‑pilot operation only if the holder has conducted a flight or simulated flight under the IFR in a single‑pilot operation within the previous 6 months.
(2) For subregulation (1), the flight or simulated flight must:
(a) have a duration of at least one hour; and
(b) include at least one instrument approach or simulated instrument approach.

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