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Printing CAR, CASR etc

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Airspeed created the topic: Printing CAR, CASR etc

Does anyone know if the CASR's from AIPSHOP.CANPRINT include the MOS for part 91 and 135?

There site just says "It includes the initial text for Civil Aviation Act, Civil Aviation Regulation 1988 & Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1988, two binders, one set of CASALABELS."

If so, total cost for there Act, CAR, CASR's and CAO is $209 +postage.

I've downloaded the docs and extracted Part 61, 91, 135, + MOS' and could print and bind them all, including the whole CAR, and CAO 48.1 for about $116 at officeworks. Maybe less, if I didn't have to take the whole CAR, but I don't know what to extract from that.

Any thoughts? Has anyone else printed their own, or is it just easier to order the whole kit from Aipshop?


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