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Cancelling SARWATCH

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Kerrylee created the topic: Cancelling SARWATCH

Are you able to please clarify question - I understand that preferred method of cancelling SARTIME is via Ph to Censar, isn’t this asking re cancelling SARWATCH ie full reporting (ERSA & AIP seem to indicate preferred method cancelling SARWATCH is via Radio).
I note it mentions if nominating a SARTIME, but isn’t this still under SARWATCH noted? Or am I reading the question wrong?
Exam is this Wednesday morning, any clarification/ tricks to look out for in wording appreciated.


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Bosi72 replied the topic: Cancelling SARWATCH

To my understanding all aircrafts can nominate sarTIME regardless if operation, but only IFR aircraft can have sarWATCH, which basically starts with taxi report and completes with landing report.

It sounds contradictory as to why would someone have two SARs, but lawmakers made provisions for that in aip enr 1.1-71 para and (25MAR2021)

So, the question was relevant to sarTIME cancelling, and recommended way for sarTIME is by phone to 1800..

Again, above is my understanding of the topic, which may not be correct.

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Kerrylee replied the topic: Cancelling SARWATCH

Yes saw that, but question is asking to cancel SARWATCH, that has nominated a SARTIME saying IFR to use phrase ‘CANCEL SARTIME’ with their departure report (when they have nominated a SARTIME for departure..) so seems when SARWATCH involved this is via reporting to ATS? And SARTIME or SARTIME portion by phone.

And note 10.2.1 Says Cancellation of SARWATCH other than SARTIME by reporting to ATS

As the question is asking cancel SARWATCH (rather than SARTIME or nominated SARTIME part of the SARWATCH) so that’s why I’m asking why the answer is via phone when it’s not cancelling SARTIME so to speak, but SARWATCH ?

Bob/ Stuart if you can please help with further explanation to help my understanding, and what the question is actually asking or was intended to ask?

EXAM is this Wed morning, this may very well be one that’s in there, and I could be understanding this wrong

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