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Passed Aeroplane Law 90%

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jkatz098 created the topic: Passed Aeroplane Law 90%

Passed with 90%

Got both FDT questions wrong, they were pretty tricky
One was something like

You’re flying from Sydney to Perth, the LST difference is 2 hours
You’re in Perth 36 hours after leaving Sydney, are you acclimatised.

Looking at it now I think there actually was an option that said "impossible to tell" which seems correct since it would be based on your off duty period which you dont know in this case since you dont know when you actually started the FDP

The rest was very very straight forward, everything was straight out of the books, used AIP, ERSA, CAO, CAR, didnt touch any of the charts (classic CASA)

Thanks Bob for the content!

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Stuart Tait replied the topic: Passed Aeroplane Law 90%

Congratulations great result

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