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Adding index to CAR/CASR extracts

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Oost created the topic: Adding index to CAR/CASR extracts

I have a question regarding Bob's CASA approved air law extracts.
Is the extract approved as an entity that cannot be added to? In other words, am I allowed to add additional printed pages from the CAR/CASR/CAO?
What I want to do is print the index pages off the government website in its entirety. Then highlight the topics that are actually included in Bobs extract. Add these 30 odd pages to the front of the extract. By doing that, I havent created my own index, but use the original index that comes with the documents (that candidates can take into the exams anyways).
The only reason I think it may be an issue, is because CASA only allows either Bobs extract, or the original documents, not both.
Thank you for answering.

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Stuart Tait replied the topic: Adding index to CAR/CASR extracts

G'day Oost

The extract is approved as a single document. As for an index or added pages the invigilator will confiscate any thing like that.

We used to include an index with the extract but Gavin in his wisdom decided that was too great an advantage.

The best course of action is to highlight the daylights out the extract and memorize where all the relevant sections are as a great part of the exam is navigating the documents to get your answer.

Hope that helps


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