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Sample questions set 3

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El created the topic: Sample questions set 3

Update of the references and questions about set 3

Q4: AIP ENR 1.1 para a
Q5: AIP ENR 1.1 para 10.16.1 (b)
Q22: CAO 20.16.3 14.4(b)

Q8: You are to conduct a flight from Tennant Creek to Darwin. When would the carriage of survival eauipment not be mandatory?
a) when you are carrying pyrotechnic flares
b) when you track via the highway corridor Correct answer
c) when you have a VHF radio
d) when you are not carrying an ELB
The references given (CAR 252A and CAO don't mention anything about a highway.
Can anyone explain why the answer is b?

Q20: A VFR charter flight is about to depart a class D aeodrome on a flight that will enter class C CTA immediatly after take-off. The time at which the transponder should be turned on and the mode selected should be
a) prior to taxi with ON/ALT selected
b) prior to take-off with ON/ALT selected Correct answer
c) prior to taxi with STBY selected
d) prior to take-off with STBY selected
The reference given (AIP ENR 1.6 para 7.1.8 (a) states: "on departure, leave the transponder selected to STANDBY until entering the departure runway".
Why is answer b the correct answer? Is it a wrong reference? If so, were can I find the correct one?

Many thanks

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alpha_pr0t replied the topic: Sample questions set 3

with regards to Q8, check out ERSA GEN-FIS para17 Designated Areas

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