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Sample questions set 2

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El created the topic: Sample questions set 2

Updated references for the following questions in set 2:
Q5: AIP ENR 1.1 para
Q7: AIP ENR 1.10 para 10.3.1
Q15: AIP ENR 10.4.1(b)
Q19: AIP ENR 1.1 10.12.6

Q13: If a glider and an aeroplane are approaching head on, which is the correct action for each pilot to take?
a) the glider should maintain heanding and the aeroplane should give way
b) each aircraft should alter heading to the right
c) the glider should maintain both height and heading and the aeroplane should avoid it
d) both aircraft should alter heading to the left
The study guide is telling me the correct answer is b.
If I read CAR 162(1)(b): "airships shall give way to unpowered gliders and balloons" I would say that the correct answer is a and not b.
Or is it because CAR162(1) is saying "...converging headings..." and CAR162(2) is saying "...approaching head-on..."?
Can someone please explain?

Q21: Assuming you company is operating to the 'old' CAO 48.0, if you commenced a period of reserve time at home at 0700LMT. You are called in to commence a tour of duty at 2000LMT. The latest LMT of the next day at which this tour of duty must be completed is
a) 0500LMT
b)0600LMT Correct anwer
At this point I am wondering if the study guide I ordered has ever been updated or if AFT gave me an old version... I looked up this question on this forum and it goes back 10(!) years ago..
As I don't have the correct reference I can't realy be sure of my answer and if I have the correct way of solving it. Does anyone have an updated reference for this question?

Many thanks

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