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Sample questions set 1

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El created the topic: Sample questions set 1

Can't seem to find the answer to the following questions

Q13: Your company has chosen to operate to CAO instrument 2013. If you have flown 26 hours in the last six days and are not limitied by the maximum requirements for 28 or 265 consecutive days, the maximum hours you may fly today is:
a) 2 hours
b) 7 hours Correct answer
c) 6 hours
d) 8 hours
You're referring to and older CAO, all I can do is guess the answer which teaches me nothing

Q19: Your company has chosen to operate under the 'old' CAO 48.0. You are to undertake an IFR charter flight that will comence with a six hour tour of duty tommorow at 6.00am WST. If you commenced duty today at 9.00am WST and completed 4 hours of flight time, the latest time at which you can finish duty today is
c)8pm (correct answer)
[b Can't seem to find it in the new CAO and as the answer is not explained I have no idea how to get there.

Q21 Your company oiperates a VFR aircraft below 5700kg AUW and operates to the 'old' CAO 48.0. You are to be taken as a passenger on a two hour positioning flight to pick up another aircraft for a charter flight as pilot in command. During the last five days you have completed two thirteen hour tours of duty. If you report for the positioning flight at 8am, the latest time at which you may plan to complete you tour of duty today is
a) 9pm
c)7pm Correct answer

Q29 For a company operating to the 'old' CAO 48.0, a pilot may be rostered for a tour of duty in excess of 11 hours providing the proposed flight is to be conducted
a) VFR, the aircraft is below 5700kg MTOW and the proposed tour of duty does not exceed 15h Correct answer
b) VFR or IFR providing no more than 6h flying instruction is planned within the tour of duty
c) VFR and there have been no more than two such hours of duty in the preceeding 5 days
d) IFR or VFR providing the aircraft is below 5700kg MTOW

As I looked up the references that are written next to the questions, CASA told me that those parts of CAO were no longer in force... I understand that the legislation is updated regulary but how come that these questions are not updated in a recent course, that's what I pay for right?
Also what would be a big help is just explaining were the answer is coming from, espesially for FDP questions, it's done for some questions in the course but not for all.. where is the consistency?

I've been studying for 4hours and only got 4 pages of questions done because I can't find these answers, hense the frustration in my writing.

I'll be forever grateful for anyone who can help me out with these questions!

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Stuart Tait replied the topic: Sample questions set 1

G'day Elena

I can only assume you are using a very outdated book we take great pride in keeping our publications as up to date as possible

Anything relating to the old CAO 48.0 was changed in May

Send me an email and maybe I can organise something to help you out

I spoke to Brett at AFT and he informed me that you purchased the Study Guide in February unfortunately this year has had some major changes and we had to update the guide to reflect the changes.

Please check our page for the changes to the study guide


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