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Airlaw passed - 100% and tips for others

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SJM created the topic: Airlaw passed - 100% and tips for others

I'm stoked to say I wrapped up my last CPL exam (Air Law) with a 100% mark.
I studied the Bob Tait Air Law book, used the extracts and completed the exam prep.

My generic tips for this exam are
1. Know where to look for an answer EVEN if you know the answer. The exam may ask you an variant that you don't know the answer to and need to look up (e.g the meaning of JO with reference to time in the ERSA)

2. Air law is about legal definitions (e.g. CAO 48.1 2019) read and understand section 6 - don't skimp on common terms that you think you know. In other areas, understand the difference between a Report and a Broadcast, understand the difference between cloud base and ceiling (the exam may not ask you the definition, but when two answers look similar, its this type of definition misunderstanding that can get you)

3. When doing exercises in the book, hide the reference in the question, and force yourself to explore the CAO, CASR, CARs, AIP and ERSA. It will be slow going, but you'll get a feel for where things are location. Depending on the current AIP amendment, references move around so the examples given in the book might be off anyway. Also study the table of context of the AIP ENR, understand within the table of contents where items fit in which section. This helps to overcoming the situation where you REMEMBER its in the AIP contents somewhere but can't remember where and you lose time searching

4. I painstakingly noted all the references in 4 practice exams against each question in a spreadsheet, removed duplicates and this gave me a very good 'tag list' for 15 tags in AIP book. It also revealed ares where I felt were not adequately tested so I brushed up on those.

5. The practice exams help! but don't expect the exam to be the same. I had questions easier than the practice tests, but I also had CAO 48.1 2019 questions harder than the scenarios given in the book.

6. Don't ignore operational met. If you haven't done the Met subject and can't quite remember your PPL stuff then double-brush up in this area.

7. Don't forget ERSA Emergency section - you might get one question you simply didn't know the answer too (e.g. around a surface vessel acknowledgements) - so know where you find this stuff looking at the bigger picture of the question to take you to the right area of the book.

8. Draw a situation diagram (time line for the FRMS questions; and for height about/below cloud/track questions)
Hope this helps everyone.
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bobtait replied the topic: Airlaw passed - 100% and tips for others

Congratulations on a fantastic performance! You join the short list of candidates who have a 'no comment' KDR for Air Law. Maybe you should have it framed........
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Sofeopka replied the topic: Airlaw passed - 100% and tips for others

Great work SJM, on completing all your subjects and on the 100% score for Airlaw.

Thank you as well for your great insight into the exam as well.

Well done.

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