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Law Exam

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Lachlan created the topic: Law Exam

G'day, today i sat air law for the first time and got an upsetting 78%. After doing BT's book i felt quite confident in getting above 80, infact most of the questions in the exam were identical, however due to me not RTFQ i failed by one mark.

It was a simple question, asking me ''the pressure altitude can be found by setting the altimeter subscale to:'' I chose aerodrome elevation as i did not fully read the full question and assumed it wanted me to find the pressure. Looking back and kicking myself about it, the answer was 1013.2. An expensive error.

However there were some questions that me and a few of my mates are uming and aring about.

1) From what I remember the question asked ''What must the pilot in command do to ensure that smoking is prohibited during a flight''
I referred to CAR 255 (2) (a) which states that a notice has to be placed inside the aircraft indicating smoking is prohibited. Additionally I went to CAO 20.11 Briefing of passengers which states that the operator of an aircraft shall ensure that all passengers are orally briefed on: prohibition of smoking. With both requirements from the CAR and CAO I selected the answer stating a notice must be shown in the aircraft and an oral brief must be done to passengers.

3. Extract operational information from the ERSA.
I had two questions in which I had to select the correct frequency to broadcast on. I am not to sure which one I got wrong. One related to Longreach airport in which i chose CTAF - AFRU 126.7 and the other Blackall in which i chose Broadcast on 126.7.

2. Rules of the air:

If I am correct this KDR is referring to aircraft giving way. The question stated that ''two aircraft are on converging headings roughly the same altitude, who's responsibility is it to give way?'' And as per CAR 162 (1) I selected the answer that said ''the aircraft that has the other on its right shall give way''. Now I am not to sure if it was referring to that particular question, that is the only one I remember being about Rules of the air.

Lastly I failed to choose the most correct answer. The question asked ''A pilot wants to remove the door of an aircraft which does not interfere with the structure, is this allowed?'' I was stuck between to answers: Yes because it is a maintenance the pilot can carry out OR yes, so long as the flight manual permits the aircraft to fly without doors. I chose the first answer however looking back CAR42ZC 5 (b) refers to the flight manual answer.

Anyways, i re booked for the 26th, hopefully I can pull through.

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  • Stuart Tait
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Stuart Tait replied the topic: Law Exam

Tough break Lachlan

RTFQ is the most important thing in a CASA exam

Best of luck on the resit


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Rbow0000 replied the topic: Law Exam

Hey I just sat this exam and got a similar disappointing mark.

I had a similar question about aircraft on converging headings and it said 'who's ULTIMATE responsibility was it...' and I answered 'Both pilots' and it seemed to be correct.

While it is the 'the aircraft that has the other on its right shall give way' its ultimately both responsibility to 'see and avoid'

I think that's why some of Bob's answers say something along the lines of 'if you have an aircraft converging from your left, maintain course and prepare for evasive manoeuvres.'

I believe CASA was trying to trick us...
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