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Daily vs pre flight

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MissSoph created the topic: Daily vs pre flight

Could someone please direct me to how on earth to get from CAR reg 42zc... the information on who is able to do the daily inspection of an aircraft....
I can find where it talks about who can carry out the maintenance... but I’m yet to extract where on earth it talks about a daily inspection of the ac...

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SJM replied the topic: Daily vs pre flight

Hi Missoph,
You've probably completed your exam by now - how did you go?

To answer this question, consider CAR 42ZC, specifically (4)d

(4) Subject to subregulation (5), a person may carry out maintenance on a class B aircraft in Australian territory if:
(d) the following requirements are satisfied:
(i) the person is the holder of a pilot licence that is valid for the aircraft;
(ii) the maintenance is specified in Part 1 of Schedule 8;

(iii) the maintenance is carried out in accordance with any conditions prescribed by legislative instrument issued by CASA for the purposes of this subparagraph;

So if you hold a pilots licence valid for an aircraft, you can do the maintainence specified in Part 1 of Schedule 8.

Part 1 of Schedule 8 has a title

Schedule 8—Maintenance that may be carried out on a Class B aircraft by a person entitled to do so under subregulation 42ZC(4)

and item 22 in Part 1 - Schedule 8 has the important bit

22. Carrying out of a daily inspection of an aircraft.


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