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CAO 48.1 Appendix 4 Standby research question

  • Alder111
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Alder111 created the topic: CAO 48.1 Appendix 4 Standby research question


Using CPL Air Law version last revised October 2019.

I'm specifically looking at the Appendix 4 research question no 11. The question deals with the latest time to complete a FDP after a standby period during which you are called out to commence a FDP.

Standby start 0700 LMT
Called out at 1230 LMT
Commence FDP 1430 LMT

The explanation of the answer uses 1230 LMT as the end of the standby period (giving a 5.5 hour duration), while the FDP end time calculation takes 1430 LMT as the start of the FDP. This results in a given end time of 2200 LMT (since the standby exceeds 4 hours by 1.5 hours reduce the maximum FDP by 1.5 hours, so 9 - 1.5 = 7.5).

My problem - surely the period between 1230 LMT and 1430 LMT must be considered either standby or FDP. This would give answers of 2000 LMT or 2100 LMT depending on which it is. Even if you have to commute from home standby to the airport this can't be dead space.

To take an extreme - after 4 hours of standby I'm called out to begin my FDP in another 9 hours. Surely I couldn't do an 11 hour FDP after this?

The only guidance I've found so far is in CAAP 48-01 v3.1 relating to Appendix 4B and 5. Page 87 states "Commencing an FDP marks the end of a standby period..."

What is the space in between being informed that you are required to report for an FDP during standby and the time you would start the FDP? Is it still standby until you start the FDP? Does the FDP start as soon as you are called out? Or is it neither, and just "duty time"?


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  • Stuart Tait
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Stuart Tait replied the topic: CAO 48.1 Appendix 4 Standby research question

G'day Ian

Again you are correct the questions you are referring to have been amended in the new version of the book, I have just uploaded an updated PDF for FRM in the Errata section of our website, it contains the amended questions this is a replacement for the older versions


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