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Passed a challenging CPL Air Law - 88%

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harrykay created the topic: Passed a challenging CPL Air Law - 88%

G'day all,

Earlier this arvo, I attempted and passed my 3rd CPL theory exam - Air Law; and while I'm thrilled to report I scored 88%, this was no easy feat, as I nearly exhausted my 2 hour time limit by the time I had finished revising all my answers. As a matter of fact, I found this exam harder than Aerody, with many questions engaging in the typical CASA wordplay. I thought I might be done within 30-45 mins - nothing could have been further from the truth!

Key takeaways and tips:

- As always, BT's text and online exams are the way to go. THere are a number of question banks within the text - make sure you try and attempt them all. If, in the online exam, you consistently score in the mid 90's, you should be ok.

- BT has laid emphasis on 48.1 which covers FDP; though I was only asked two questions on this, practising enough of these should keep you comfortable in terms of finding the relevant information from the CAO during the exam in a timely and accurate manner

- My question bank practically covered content from across the CAO/CASR/CAR extracts that I had downloaded off BT's website. If you find buying the entire CAO/CASR/CAR sets too expensive or bulky, BT's extract should suffice. Remember, the same rules for tagging/highlighting etc apply to the extract as they do to other supporting materials such as the AIP and ERSA - Also, ensure you bind the extracts, else you won't be allowed to use it during the exam (I paid around $30.00 to Officeworks to print it and professionally bind it for me - they actioned my request within 2 hours of my uploading the extract online through their website - neat eh!)

- Be THOROUGHLY familiar with your AIP. I found myself rummaging across my AIP a lot and while I'm sure this would have served me good practice for my upcoming IREX next year, I do believe I should have been more familiar with where stuff was in my AIP rather than constantly looking at the index references. I reckon this is what slowed me down during the exam.

Final thougths -

I only gave myself around 8 days to prepare (and that's with full time work) and I found it sufficient. A word of advice - try to not get too comfortable in the knowledge that a lot of the content is a repeat from RPL/PPL syllabi - as I said before, there is reasonable amount of wordplay in the questions which will really get you thinking. Having said that, 2 hours is sufficient time to finish and like every other test, if you are well prepared and can also draw practical knowledge and experience from your PPL/CPL flying, you'll be fine.

Now, off to CMET in 2 weeks - Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year and Decade 2020!

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MissSoph replied the topic: Passed a challenging CPL Air Law - 88%

Wow... 8 days of study... amazing... can you help me about to embark on my 5 th exam now.... Law... I’m feeling rather daunted by the sheer volume of the manuals you have to reference.... so any more advice is welcome to be sent my way ....also I see in the front of bobs study book you can download the publications from casa website... which would be great for me to study on the go... but how do I do that? Is there a cost?

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harrykay replied the topic: Passed a challenging CPL Air Law - 88%

You'll find the the relevant tailor-made extracts at - they will suffice.

I can certainly understand your reticence, this was actually one exam I walked out of with a headache lol - the more the manuals and docs the more gruelling it seems. Its not so bad - the key is to efficiently locate the relevant act and/or page to find the answer you're after - practice makes perfect :)

Furthermore, you'll get a limit of 10 tags per supporting doc (i.e. 10 tags in the ERSA, AIP and the CAO/CASR extracts respectively). Make sure you use your highlighter abundantly but DO NOT WRITE anything within the supporting docs else you'll be unable to use it - essentially its the same rules that apply for the RPL and PPL theory exams.

Let me know if you have any further queries.

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