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Alternate Requirements.

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MichaelS170 created the topic: Alternate Requirements.

Hi again,

In Bob Tait's book, some forecast questions have me a little confused.

The alternate requirements as per AIP state that an alternate is required with 8km visibility, and a close base of 1500 ft more than SCT.

So does this mean you require an alternate at 8km? A question in Bob Tait's textbook refutes this, but the wording in AIP confirms this.

Also, when it says more than SCT with a ceiling of 1500ft, does that mean you require an alternate at when 5/7ths+ are at 1500ft or when it's 5/7ths+ at 1499 ft and below.

Thanks for continued help.

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PHILIP ARTHUR replied the topic: Alternate Requirements.

Hi. AIP ENR 1.1 para (p ENR1.1-93) states that the VFR "alternate minima are a ceiling of 1500ft and visibility of 8km". I understand this means that if the visibility is less than 8km and the cloud is more than SCT with a base lower than 1500ft an alternate is required. They are the minima allowed without requiring an alternate. So with 8km visibility and more than SCT cloud with a base of 1500 you don't need an alternate.

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