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Separation minima- takeoff/landing (runway vs runway strip)

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NovemberGolf created the topic: Separation minima- takeoff/landing (runway vs runway strip)

Gday. There's something I'd like a bit of clarity on regarding runway terminology having done air law but not yet performance.
In the AIP these definitions are provided:
Runway: A defined rectangular area on a land aerordrome prepared for the landing and takeoff of aircraft
Runway Strip: The defined area, including the runway (and stopway if provided), intended both to reduce the risk of damage to aircraft inadvertently running off the runway and to protect aircraft flying over it during takeoff, landing or missed approach

The crux of my questions comes from the fact that the laws regarding serparation mimima for takeoff and landing all refer to the 'runway' rather than the 'runway strip'. for example:
AIP 10.3.1 An aircraft must not commence takeoff until: (b) a preceding landing aircraft using the same runway, has vacated it and is taxiing away from the runway.
Q1. Does this mean that the theoretical aircraft may be still within the runway strip (marked by the gable markers) and the requirement satisfied?

Some time ago I was on a solo at a non controlled aerodrome and a very recently landed paraglider decided to stick around at the gable markers to watch me land. I was uncomfortable and did a go around, getting a bit more space the next time.
Q2. If this guy was inside the runway strip but not the runway and I as the PIC was confident he wasn't about to run onto the runway... does that satisfy these rules? In other words, is there anything to say that if an aircraft or person is within the runway strip but not the runway and is clearly not entering the runway (let's say radio coms are established and the two parties understand each others intentions) can an aircraft land or takeoff (at a non controlled aerodrome)??

Up until this point I've thought of the runway and runway strip as the same sacred space that is entered as you pass the gable markers but I guess that sacred space may be smaller... Some clarity would be greatly appreciated! Cheers.

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bobtait replied the topic: Separation minima- takeoff/landing (runway vs runway strip)

AIP GEN 2.2 Page 24 defines the runway strip as follows

Also, AIP GEN 2.2 Page 17 defines 'landing area'. A serviceable strip is part of the landing area. You did the right thing by going around.

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