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Rate turns

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Simathawk77 created the topic: Rate turns

Hi all,
I'm sitting my CADA exam tomorrow and am doing some PPL (Pilot Prac Exam) prep and was thrown by what they define as the 4 rated turns. They say;
Rate 1 - 2min @ 3deg/sec
Rate 2 - 1min @ 6deg/sec
Rate 3 - 40sec @ 9deg/sec
Rate 4 - 30sec @ 12deg/sec

I was under the impression (as the BT text suggests) it was more like (2min, 1.5min, 1min, 30sec - and the obvious deg/sec).

Who is right here?


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John.Heddles replied the topic: Rate turns

We are looking at angular time rate of change, hence the degrees/second idea. The 3/6/9/12 idea is the usual story. I wouldn't fuss too much about the times - they are not of any great interest or relevance to anyone except for, maybe, initial Link training.

I had a look at Bob's text (March 2017), pp 100-102. He has tried to simplify the story by avoiding the angular thing as that wouldn't make much sense to a lot of folks. Perhaps this has sent you off on a tangent. I can't imagine that his later editions have anything in the way of a different story.

Perhaps you might usefully have a re-read of the text ?

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