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Passed CADA today!

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harrykay created the topic: Passed CADA today!

G'day all - this is my first post here and I thought I'd start by announcing I attempted my first CPL theory exam today with CADA and passed it with 75%. After my disappointing performance on the IREX (I scored 63% on the first attempt), I was a bit nervous about how this would turn out to be, so I did work extra hard.

Just wanted to say I really found the e-texts and online exams extremely helpful - along with some posts in the forum too.

For anyone about to attempt CADA, my 2 cents worth of suggestions would be -

1) Read and UNDERSTAND the book back to front. I cannot stress upon this enough - CASA WILL likely ask a question based on virtually any topic/page in the text.
2) DO NOT attempt the online exams UNTIL you have attempted the review questions and the 3 exams at the back of the book. Attempting the online exams, and if you do well in them, before you are confident in your understanding and memortizing the book is likely going to be deceiving.

My question bank was a balanced mix of questions from all sections from the text - so I can't really advise which sections to focus on more. Having said that, there are definitely some easy marks - so memorise and understand concepts surrounding wake turbulence (got asked two consecutive questions on this), power/thrust/region of reverse command graphs, stall speeds and their relationships with load factors - I got asked two consecutive (and very similar) questions on the power curve and how it relates to max endurance - go figure!

And, as many people have said here before - RTFQ - this is a very word intensive exam so you will have to pay close attention to what is being asked and which bit of the question is irrelevant information. (I was finished in 25 mins, but reviewed my answers twice after that, to find the occasional error).

Now getting ready to prepare for my 2nd CPL paper in 3 weeks - Performance


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bobtait replied the topic: Passed CADA today!

Congratulations Harrykay. Well done. Aerodynamics is not an easy subject for home study. Good luck with the rest.

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harrykay replied the topic: Passed CADA today!

Cheers Bob - I'm thinking of giving Met a shot before Performance ..

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