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Wake Turbulence Separation Standards

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NovemberGolf created the topic: Wake Turbulence Separation Standards

Hey. So I've been looking at the Wake Turbulence Separation Standards table in the AIP ENR 1.4 9.2.2, fresh from reading about wake turbulence and there's something about the table that doesn't click with my coffee marinated brain.

It is clear that we have a leading and following aircraft and then for example, there is a column saying "arriving". Which aircraft is arriving? And for the aircraft that is not specifically arriving, could they be arriving, departing or either one?

On a side note, MOS Part 172 Section 10.12 provides a subtle bit more info on the subject than the AIP but only specifically in regards to the displaced landing threshold situation. In it's table it has only an "arriving" and "departing" aircraft, but the rest are still confusing.

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