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Exam passed 80%

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rodcarey created the topic: Exam passed 80%

Just to advise i recently sat the Aerodynamics exam and had a pass rate of 80%. I felt very confident with the contents, unlike previous exams. Self studied utilizing BT book. This is definitely one of the harder subjects, and exam. Some of the questions were around the same contents of the questions within the book, and other questions had me scratching my head. I guess if you nailed the questions which you are familiar with, then its a one in four chance for the rest. My best advice would to check the website and to take note of the following
Spoilers and vortex generators
Knowledge of range and endurance flying
Wing design – anhedral, dihedral, aspect ratio, wash-out
Factors affecting aircraft stability
Flow dynamics – pressure changes with changes in angles of attack
Take-off and landing – “ground effect” and it effects aeroplane performance

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Stuart Tait replied the topic: Exam passed 80%

Congratulations Rod

and thanks for the feedback


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