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Exam pass

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oudam2326 created the topic: Exam pass

Sat CADA today and passed with a result of 83%. I would have wanted better but I'm happy with the result. I had a couple questions that involved wake turbulence that were worded the typical "CASA way" which made imaging what they were saying a little difficult.

Regardless I wanted to pass on some suggestions that I found well with my study.

I studied at home using the Bob Tait textbook and online exams as usual, however tried something a little different this time. Instead of doing the questions straight away, I waited until I had read a couple chapters first then went back to previous questions. I found this was a bit better because I wasn't regurgitating information that I had read in that chapter and potentially not actually learnt, just memorised. This way I was aware with what I knew, and what I didn't.

This morning I went through the MOS (huge suggestion) and made sure that I understood absolutely everything that the MOS would ask me, including the understanding of supercharged and turbocharged engines, (Richard explains this well in the forum as it's not covered in the books) as this was everything the exam could be based on!

Good luck

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