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Aileron Drag

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Cranenium created the topic: Aileron Drag

Hello :)

Can someone help me here. What is the effect of Aileron drag on turn performance? and will the effect increase as speed increases ?

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John.Heddles replied the topic: Aileron Drag

Not my area of particular expertise but ..

(a) aileron drag will provide an out-of-turn yawing moment which will be destabilising for the turn
(b) one normally expects the designer to have sorted aileron drag out for the normal cruise speeds. One might find it more pronounced during low speed turns.

You might like to post the question on PPRuNe. Poster djpil is quite an expert on this subject from viewpoints of design (he is a longterm, very experienced, aerodynamicist) and flying (he was the Pitts Chief Designer and test pilot for some years and is a very accomplished aerobatic pilot).

Engineering specialist in aircraft performance and weight control.

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