E-Texts Available for All Subjects


You can get a 12 month subscription for any of Bob's books at the online store. Your subscription gives you access to the following features:

  • Full-Text Searching: the E-Text viewer gives a list of all instances of your search term throughout the entire book and highlights them for you.
  • Bookmarking: now you can save links to pages within the text to build up a collection of sections you found particularly important.
  • A fully up-to-date Textbook: the text is updated whenever a new version is released. No more worrying whether your version is accurate. If it's online, it's the latest edition.
  • An additional simplified viewer which allows you to read your textbook using your favourite mobile device. Ideal for students always on the go.

How about you give it a try? Click the preview image to open a free sample chapter and check out the features of this exciting new way to access your reference material.

For more information please visit the online school at Bob Tait: Online (link opens in a new window) and all products are available in the online store.

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