The RPL textbook is now up to date and relevant errata will be listed here. The errata list below also includes entries for the previous edition of this text, "Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK)".


               The table of contents page has been updated it now reads like this Capture3




The colour of mogas has changed in recent times.  It now depends upon the grade.  Regular is greenish/bluish, Midgrade is yellowish and Premium is pink.


Page 278       AIP ENR 1.1 para Is Now 

Page 279      AIP ENR 1.1 para Is Now

                      AIP ENR 1.1 para Is Now

Page 387 Answer 32  AIP ENR 1.1 para 7.4.1 Is Now  10.4.1



Page 212 third paragraph beneath Fig 9.41.  100.80kg/mm should be 100.80 lb/ins.


Page 299.  Reference to the AIP for PRDs is now AIP ENR 1.4 para 5.2.1, not AIP ENR 1.4 para 4.2.1


Page 270 Air Law question and answer section.  Reference for the question "What are the requirements for a student pilot?".  Add the reference CASA 61.113


The text box on the top of the map showing R633B should have read 'between 2000ft and 3500ft', not 'below 2000ft'.



Check the diagrams on pages 103 and 172.  Some books may show slip and skid on page 103 the wrong way.  The diagram on page 172 is the correct one and the one on page 103 should be the same.



p. 9.11 - Corrected working for Q3 (Bravo Loading) to include full oil.



p. 10.20 :  In some copies of the printed BAK textbook, the Class D VMC requirements were mistakenly linked into the position of the diagram for General VMC requirements. This has now been corrected and a replacement page can be found in this PDF:

BAK Replacement Page 256



p 12.15: Exercise 12.2 The answer to the first wind component problem is 5 kt crosswind from the right and not 7 kt.



p.10.4: The AIP Reference has been changed. "Separation Minima for Take-off" is now found in AIP ENR 1.1 para 5.5. The page has been updated to reflect the new AIP text.



BAK (10.06.2010) Updates with airspace changes from 3rd June 2010. (452 Kb)


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