Online Course: CPL Performance (CPL-PERF)

CPL-PERF Online Course

CPL-PERF is an online study guide designed to prepare students for the CASA Commercial Pilot Licence Australia [CPLA] Cyber Examinations. The course contains:

  • a full E-text (plus optional printed textbook),
  • multimedia presentations covering all areas of the syllabus relating to Aircraft Performance, Operation & Planning and Air Law as required for the CPL Performance exam.
  • Class recordings with Bob Tait using materials taken from his own class presentations
  • Numerous quizzes and practice exams
  • Online Forum support for all students

You can study online using any modern Flash-capable browser running on Windows, Mac or Linux. Each course also comes with a Windows-PC compatible DVD which provides secure offline access to all media and E-Text content for the duration of your course.

For more information please visit the online school at Bob Tait: Online (link opens in a new window) and all products are available in the Online Store.

More Courses are on the way!

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