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Grid LSALT or track LSALT

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French created the topic: Grid LSALT or track LSALT

Regarding this question

"Refer to ERC 7.

You depart Caiguna (S32.16.8 E125.28.7) for Forrest (S30.51.3 E128.06) in VH-OZY. Your intention is still to return to Caiguna should an engine fail in IMC after departure. You plan to track to Forrest via W486

To allow you to depart under these circumstances, there must be no more than four eighths cloud below an altitude of"

The Grid LSALT is 1900 for Caiguna, so why wouldn't we use that if an engine failed after departure? Any further down W486 and we'd have to use the track LSALT OF 2100, so I guess I'm asking, if a question like this is in the exam, would they specify where the engine failure occurs, or is the word "still" a gotcha?


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