These courses are designed to prepare students for the CASA Cyber Exams for CPL. The Cyber exams will be conducted at appropriate times during the course. Students may sit the exams on the class sitting dates, or at a time and place of their own choosing.

Each full course runs for eight weeks full time but you may sit for any combination of individual subjects if you wish. Progress tests and practice exams are provided to ensure the greatest success at the Cyber exam sittings. Accommodation is available for out-of-town students by arrangement with Maree.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will not be permitted to sit any CPL exam unless you can show evidence of passing the BAK examination. This requires showing the log book confimation to the exam supervisor. This confirmation should be signed and dated by your flying school and incude the ARN and signature of an authorised flying instuctor. Exceptions are overseas candidates or candidates who did their flying training prior to the introduction of the current DAY [VFR] syllabus. These candidates should contact CASA for a covering letter to be shown to the exam supervisor.

Please note that showing a current Private Pilot Licence is not considered proof that you have passed the BAK examination. CASA reference.

Please be advised that candidates who are undergoing a 150hr CPL flying training course may sit Aerodynamics, General Knowledge, Human Performance and Meteorology if they have passed the BAK examination. However, if you are undergoing a 150hr flying training course you cannot sit CPL Air Law, Navigation or Performance unless you also have at least 5 hours of in-command cross-country time logged. CASA reference.

Course dates can be found on the subjects timetable. Both this and the enrolment form can be accessed via the menu to the left, or you can go direct to the enrolment form by clicking here.


PPL Course

Price: $2400 (incl. GST)

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